A Parents' Guide to University

If you have children who are interested in going to university, or they have already applied, this site can give you all the information you need to help them make the right choices and provide support.

We offer advice on how to pay for university, advice on the support available to pay tuition fees, along with how to make sense of university jargon and the application process. We also talk to real parents to find out how they are making sense of applying to university and get top tips and advice from them.

ParentSpace also comes in magazine format, and is relevant to you if your child is thinking of coming to the University of South Wales. If you’d like to order your free printed copy, or download an electronic version, please complete our short online form or call us on 03455 760 996. If you have any questions you would like answered or you would like to order a copy of ParentSpace in Welsh, email us at parents@southwales.ac.uk.

New – Parents’ Hotline

At the University of South Wales, we have a specific Parents’ Hotline for questions you may have about your child going to university. Whilst we can’t talk about your child’s application unless you have been nominated on their UCAS form or have their permission, we can give you advice on accommodation, funding application dates and let you know exactly the type of support they will have when they arrive here.

So give one of our advisors a call on today on our Parents’ Hotline 03455 760 996.

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